This blog serves as a hub for all things that I am passionate for whether it be my family or hobbies!

Who am I?

Portrait of Gierael

Hi, I’m Gierael Ortega! My name is pronounced Gir-El (The ‘Gie’ is from my mother ‘Gievelline’ and the ‘rael’ is from my father ‘Israel’). I’m your everyday nerd who loves technology and learning new things!


From a psychological perspective, I’m an INTJ-T in terms of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


In terms of career, my current aspiration is to work at a large company like Tesla or SpaceX with an engineering role that blends Software Development and Cybersecurity.

What do I like?









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What do I do?

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Computer Science Undergraduate

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

What have I done so far?

Microsoft SWE Intern

(Software Engineering Intern under Microsoft Intune)

Developed a modern accessibility testing application for use by the Intune Android Mobile-Application Management team.


(Senior Design College Capstone Project)

First place winner in the UNLV Computer Science Department

Sustainability Award Winner

National Cyber League

(Cybersecurity-related CTF-style competition)

19th out of 779 (Fall 2019 Team Competition)

24th out of 4,149 (Fall 2019 Individual Competition)

48th out of 628 (Spring 2019 Team Competition)

95th out of 4,844 (Spring 2019 Solo Competition)

Barrick Gold Lead Intern 

(Cloud Engineering Intern for the largest gold mining company)

Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Worked with VMware, Active Directory, PowerShell, etc.

How do I contact you?

My preferred methods of communication are through LinkedIn and Email! If you’d like to encrypt your message, feel free to use PGP with my public key found here on MIT’s Key Server or here on my blog!